It is, Even before the wheel, the invention of the knife that is the most defining tool for our worklihood.

The idea of dividing is the beginning, the big bang, of each of our worklihoods.  From it springs our worklihood and everything we experience. Applying this differentiation iteratively brings forth a growing system and with that our growing understanding. .

Denkern, eine discipline of thought, grasps the kernel of a system, that is its defining thought and its rule-set, aka logic.

With this kernel at hand you can:

  1. Quickly grasp even unknown systems.
  2. Proof any system to its iterative integrity, and where necessary, restore it to that, i.e. bring it from complicated back to complex.
  3. Ensure iterative integrity all through the growth of a system.

because - systems bring forth joy when operating according to their task fulfilment directive.

gets to the bottom of things, captures the kernel!
brings with it, right from the beginning, the tools and toolbox necessary to effect worklihood changes.

Denkern, and all that follows from it, is what you can learn and learn about here.
If you decide to partake please do so of your own accord and  self-responsibly.
Thank you for your curiosity.

The person using pen and paper seldom considers the work gone into producing it. And why should s/he?