Why give the fear of a warming earth so much credit. For years we have been preparing our bodies- cooking and dehydrating our food. We should be well prepared. 😉


What would all of this information be without a set of examples. That is why I give a number of them here, without any preference, priority or order. 

I am of the decided opinion that any housewife, or -man for that matter, collects more insight and wisdom of the workings of this world in their small pinkie than any number of scientists combined. E.g. How does a mother entice her kids to enter their room? She goes into the chaos, which corresponds with an over-pressure in a vessel which causes the larger particles, the children, to escape that same vessel, and there proceeds to order all items: Make the bed, open the curtains, pack away the washing, the books, the chairs, the socks, ... and when all is done, the order, the packing has created open spaces, a vacuum that again draws in the larger particles, the children, who now wilfully and quietly occupy space once cluttered with "stuff".

A formative insight is that logic is comparable to the pathways you set up in a field to access that field and the potential fruit it can offer.
So, the logic is useful for that.
Where the logic expands to much, grows to serve itself, it will eventually cover all ground and not allow for any fruit to be borne anymore.
Concurrent to this was the insight that once a path pattern was chosen it would repeat during all cycles of new path building.

Coffee, ground and vacuum-packed acts like a solid brick, until you prick it and air squeezes in, changing its behaviour from solid to then amorphous and then to liquid, i.e. you can now pour the ground coffee out into another container. It is this mixture ratio of (two or more) particle sizes that makes a the solid (coffee grind)  change its behaviour into liquid.