The person using pen and paper seldom considers the work gone into producing it. And why should s/he?


Tools are created as f-acts to ease working with the materials. Select from the menu any tool that has been created with, in and for denkern.
These tools exist in addition to what is taught in Revealing the kernel.

RALP-H - is a Recursive Algorithm for soLving Problems employing a certain amount of Heuristics. It effectively drops you down to that iteration (Ordering-Potential) where a complication, which created the problem, occurred. Restoring iterational integrity solves the problem.

Der Hausfrau Universum  - is the univers of the housewife / houseman and a referral as well as an hommage to their daily toil. In this daily toil everything that constitutes our world is handled on a daily basis. Here I tell you my stories and what I found and find.

Creativity - can be taught and can be learnt.

Café ICU - For exchange of ideas to occur you have to be relaxed. This is the place to exactly that.