What is a fact? – A fact is an f-act. It is shortcode , formed over many a year, for an act fixed so that we do not have to re-invent the wheel over and over and over again. A tool, basically,
An act is a bundling of procedures, processes, ways of dealing with stuff, other f-acts into a new package to create another useful tool. We fix it and shortcode it into an f-act, a fact, whereafter we do seldom really bother about the detail contained therein anymore. We use it.

I think this awareness should be present in every scientific discussion as will does help to prevent trench warfare and oorlog.

Let me take gravity as an example:
As ever, poising the question right is key: Not: “What is gravity?” – we still do not know that – but: “What is it that makes gravity be gravity?” and: “What is gravity to us?”

That which we consider gravity to be for us is really not much more than a collection and ordering of observables that we have accumulated and bundled into a tool. Thus we have a useful implement to use successfully for solving problems in our daily life.
But we should also remember: Any collection is limited since any ordering, any order, by definition, omits. Have a look at denkern and OP_n^x for a deeper understanding.

I find that a lot of drama disappears from discussions where I keep an awareness that I am dealing with f-acts, rather than facts, on all sides. Bias also accompanies the disappearing drama. 😉