Racism und Mathematics ::==

Is it conceivable, since I am writing about it here it would have to be, but also possible that one of the biggest problems of our time – that which we call racism – has some of its origins in the Ordering-Protocol of mathematics.

The Ordering-Protocol of Mathematics is +1=. It is a very robust and very useful tool. Its simplicity also allows for rigorous proofing of iterational integrity.

I want to talk about the = sign here.
In Kernels and my blog I discuss why this = sign is the limit of our mathematics, and its bound.
But here I would like to delve into the possible subliminal effect that the prevalence and widespread use of this = sign may have on the human psyche.

Our modern mathematics and all that sciences tied to it have one mantra: The one must equal (=) the other. That basic tenet is what makes our mathematics so robust.

But this also impregnates the thinking of the people that use it. From being a child our forebears and our children learnt to use this = sign.
It is quite possible that a certain spill-over occurred, i.e. that this premise of everything must be equal excaped the sphere of mathematics and found its way into everyday life, resulting in it becoming a part of everyday life.

I posit that this is an origin of racism: Encountering your opposite, guided by the premise that everything must equal generates 1. unfulfillable expectations, and 2. a dichotomy between life experience and the expectation of equalness which in turn leads to stress and the concommitant rejection of your opposite.

Each person, each volk, each populace has a de-velopment that contradicts this premise of equal. It is quite possible that a spill-over of (=) from the field of mathematics into the field of daily life shows its influence in the form of racism.

How can this be solved?
First off – becoming aware. These thoughts here are to contribute to that.
And furthermore the immersion of this awareness into daily life by use and application. Which is doable since now it has been given a name.
Thirdly: As mathematics evolves into further Ordering-Protocols the current, all-encompassing importance of the = sign will diminish and in that it will recede from daily life and thus its influence thereon.