Solid – Liquid – Gaseous

A short one today:

After being doubtily intrigued by what I had been taught and following this train of thought I no longer only see substances as inhabiting an aggregate state – solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma.
The aggregate state is definitely a useful tool (see f-act) in the toolbox of physics and chemistry. I do think it is time to add another tool to this toolbox:

Solid, liquid, gaseous or plasma can also be viewed as the behaviour that a substance exhibits. In the most simple case it is the ratio of two homogenous particulate sizes (Korngroesse, KG) that will determine whether a material behaves as a solid, as a liquid, as a gas or as a plasma.

Energy – can also be viewed as a Particulate Size mix-ratio of, as yet, unknown size.

Fear of a new world? Think differently. It is after all what brought you to today. So – why stop here? Or do you want to stay in today? Think further. Think new – Understanding grows with differentiation.