That which we call fear - it is an intuitive realization that we do not (yet) possess the capabilities to deal with what is approaching us. Knowing this divest fear from drama and it becomes a simple decision: Do I not or do I acquire the needed capabilities.


Off the bat -- the difference between analogous and digital is only a question of resolution, so - now you can choose the spectacles you want to wear.

Analogy or analogous thinking (as opposed to analog thinking) is actually more a way of looking at things rather than a thinking process. Visually speaking, it is the overlaying of two, or more, matrices each one depicting a logic pathway, or OP_n at some potential ^x, and then looking at where, how and how much they overlap or are similar.

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That which we call humor is our capacity to recognize that there are several ways to reach the same point.
Although A in 1 may look similar to or seem to be the same as A in 1.,

by overlaying the logics

we can see that the same point has been reached by different ways.

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