A bully - that is someone that takes what does not belong to him and returns it against cost.

Areas of Knowlege

Denkern introduces and teaches the discipline of thinking to allow you to capture the kernel of a system. The simplicity of the the concept of OP_n^x makes it applicable to all areas of knowledge.

Because this website focusses on teaching Denkern you will find in-depth presentations, discussions and knowledge transfer for areas of knowledge on the separate sites linked at the bottom of each page where such an area of knowledge merits its own site due to the amount of knowledge.
Where no site is present you fill find the more in-depths on pages here in this section.
Where sites are avilable the pages here give a brief introduction of what is possible in each AoK with OP_n^x.

If separate pages exist caption will link to that (entry) page on this website.

As ever - these present tools. Tools such as these can be used to create f-acts 🙂

TOE or an allencompassing theory
The theory of everything comprises all endeavours by the scientific community to find or develop one theory that would build a bridge between most if not all schools of thoughts and their principles, allowing to change over from one to the other easily within the mathematical framework.
That little impediment that hinders this work from being successful is that the scientific community sticks to their facts and nomenclature, forgetting that each discipline has had its origins at the same place as the other disciplines.
I.e. it is their way of viewing "things" that obfuscates the access to a ToE.
I therefore predict that when a scientific discipline looks at its facts as f-acts (see Kernels) it will discover its roots and the point of separation from the other disciplines, allowing it to dig deeper and find that common ground that allows the ToE to be developed.

Should you not concur on the following you are welcome to develop your own:
I posit that there is no need to look for a ToE because it is already present and readily available: All hydraulic formulae are applicable if you view our universe as a hydraulic logic gate. 

Its beauty and simplicity lies in that to it scale matters not if aggregate states of matter are viewed rather as behaviour determined by the mix ratio of, in the simplest case two, homogenous particle size conglomerates. (See Solid - Liquid - Gaseous).
Also from this work here it follows that any force exerted can be explained by a particulate conglomerate of some Order-Potential (See movement).

For a more in-depth understanding of my position please explore the AoK's that are of interest to you.

not yet categorisable topics.

Taking a biological body down to a hydraulic logic gate view, the hydraulics being determined by the skins and their capacity to build, hold and release pressure opens a whole field of view and thus manipulation.

Exploring geo-morphological origins.

The ability to view that which we call energy as a yet unresolved particle size or collection of such different particle sizes and understand that e.g. the difference in calculatory results and nomenclature is ascribable to the fact that the electrical and energy industry is working with "leaky pipes". And magnetism may be ascribed to a wick effect exerted by directional gates.

How do the insights here find their way into every day life? An engineer establishes the framework that condenses these into real life applications and this opens some pathways.
Like the Tumbling Axis, which allows for dynamic balancing.

Since economics is defined by calling on its own self for definition its exercise cannot produce no credible results, useable but not useful.

Its Ordering-Principle is +1=. This simplicity makes it robust, widely applicable and simple to proof. But since mathematics is a definition it cannot prove anything. And it does not allow you to discover anything beyond its bound, the = sign. How about developing an eMath - evolving Math, where 1+ -> (develops into).

Phil & Sophie
How is OP_n^x applicable in the philosophical world- Well definitely with a big portion of humor and an "behind the scenes" view of how even philosphical matters subscribe to and are explainable with this Ordering-Principle model.

Have you considered that our current day physics have evolved concurrently with our current day mathematics and that its limit, its bound, the = sign pre-determines that there has to be a Constant, else this building falls.

Instead of fishing in murky waters, being accused of being a pseudo-science, expand your toolbox with OP_n^x, viewing thought, emotions, rationality and actions under the light of the body being a hydraulic logic gate, where pressure regulation and metabolic pathways and their development predetermine action.

Theories beget tools. tools beget facts - with OP_n^x creativity becomes teachable.

Computer Science
My main focus here are
1) AI - teaching computers to laugh, to escape the inevitable logic conclude
2) Translation - using a language model based on OP_n^x and
3) Our concept of memory

Article on AI and laughter - solving the dilemma of logic-based extinction scenarios - Computerlaughter

Living cultures leave no trace, only dying ones do.
Catastrophes beget moralities. The deeper engrained the morality the greater the catastrophe.
Let us look at the Pizza-syndrome - Moralities growing from being a necessity to being a deity.
And more...