Failure occurs only when you try to realise the dreams and aspirations of another. Do you live in fear of failure? Now you why why. Stop it.

What? Why? How? and others

Contrary to common acceptance that the wheel would be the most innovative invention for our technical civilization I posit that it is the knife.

Now - why is that? And that leads exactly into what a question is. And how a question should be posited to be effective.
Following this then are a number of questions that I am throwing around in my head, that intrigue me but where I am not yet spending to much time on them for priority reasons.

Back to the knife: Without differentiation there is no understanding, no life, no civilization, no thought, no thing.

The knife, in all its forms is the first tool to split, to differentiate and which, consequently allows creation. You cannot create something from nothing without dividing nothing, de-fining into something and sorting some things into one and some other things into another. (see also the image on the portal page).

An intellectual aside: The knife splits into two, giving us a dual universe: Light and dark, good and bad, water and land, heaven and earth... - Therefore, if ever you ponder how difficult and unfair, unsolvable, unbearable this life is - consider yourself lucky to only have to deal with a dualistic universe. Imagine how many differentiations someone in a trialistic or quartalistic or x-listic universe has to deal with.

As all and sundry experience shows positing the question correctly gives you the answer. Asking the right question is trumped in importance by asking the question right. And that is what this is about.