Why give the fear of a warming earth so much credit. For years we have been preparing our bodies- cooking and dehydrating our food. We should be well prepared. 😉


Here you will find kernels that have revealed themselves during my work with denkern.

Further in-depth materials will grow in the other websites, some of it is discussed in the blog and other pages here on this site.

Life, the universe and everything (3rd, 6th, DA)

How does a universe come into existence?
You pose a question.
For how long does a universe expand?
For as long as the question stands.
Wenn does a universe collapse?
When the question has been answered.

The Big Bang

see above.
Reality can not be described. To experience it you need a worklihood. The Big Bang is birthed by the wish to experience reality and is thus the birthing hour of one or of several, nay, even of countless worklihoods. It is this first idea that brings forth the first division.
In our worklihood this first division and  the basic principle / the rule set / the logic is differentiation, di-vision into two. Everything and Nothing.
Without differentiation no understanding.
When we have fulfilled this worklihood, do we continue with a trifferentiation? A quafferentiation? A quifferentiation?
And every single one has its Big Bang.
But then, even in this worklihood of ours, this adventure we call life is accompanied continuously by Big Bangs. Every single time a new idea pops into your head or you meet an unknown thought a Big Bang happens for you. The amount of work you then put into its realization, with the tools you develop concommitant to the work determines the scope and intensity of your experiential worklihood.


The knowledge about and application of electricity in our science is, to my mind, comparable to the state that hydraulics inhabited when the first farmer dug a channel in the sand to lead water.
Hydraulic principles and formulae can be applied 1:1 to electricity.
The differences we observe in the calculatory enderesults stem from our electrical industry employing "leaky pipes".
Each and every electrical phenomenon can be explained and calculated hydraulically.
What we call electricity can be viewed and worked with as a (collection of) as yet undertermined particulate size.
Like a hydraulic fluid. Ist it homogenous? I do not know, I would posit  that which we use not.
Conductive metal is to electricity as a cloth wick is to petroleum: Effective, but lossy.
See Kernel - Magnetism
For Supraconductivity see also Kernel - Light.


That which we term magnetism (is a particle-stream of smallest (as yet) undeterminded particulate size, not necessarily homgenous, directed (through iron like a "hygroscopic" gate) to effect an observable.
Electro-Magnetism is possible because we are working with the same particulate.


A  dimension can be describe as an address array DnA - Dimension n AdressArray. Dn0 - not existent, Dn1 - Length, Dn2 - length, height, Dn3 - length, height, depth, Dn4 - an example is the Dewey Decimal System. DnA allows for faster navigation to any "adress". DDS, eg,: navigating to Section, shelf, book, page, word in the long string of letters, that unfolded would reach to the sun an back and would take to long to access sequentially.
Any fourth or fifth or nth Dimension, even in our real world, is still to be created by us.
Our 90degre axis view of 3D is really only a visualisation of the folding.
See also Kernel - Biology.


Every biological system can be viewed as a hydraulic logic gate. This view can also be extended to any other system.
They consist of fluid-filled skins that shift pressures from one to another, thus effecting an observable.
The skins and their integrity inhabit an integral role in the fulfilment of purpose of a biological system. 


Each rotating body seems to turn stably around its axis. What we have observed is precession, but i have observed the axis to also be a rotating body,from which springs the concept of the tumbling axis.
The Tumbling-Axis is the position that the axis of a rotating body would like to inhabit in the next timemoment after all forces have exerted on that rotating body and its axis.
This train of thought builds a model that allows for dynamic balancing.


A human can be viewed as a hydraulic logic gate, which metabolic pathways grow according to the model proposed in Denkern (OP_n^x).
Any action, even any thought can only be effected along the metabolic pathways built. With OP_n^x turbid waters can be become clear.
See also Kernel - Morals.


Light is a particle stream (of an as yet undetermined particle size).
The wave in the light particle stream originates at the point of impact/interaction when this particle stream  hits or meets some other collection of particles.
This wave travels up the particle stream and is the major resistive factor to the velocity of the particle stream.
This effect is observable in every particle stream: Light, water, electricity, humans in line, cars on the highway...
The wave describes the obstacle it met.
See also Kernels - Turbulence
See also Kernels - Polarisation

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1. I marvel at the time, energy and money invested by scientist to entangle ther minds.
2. About the string theory - at the end of the day a computer is a string consisting of 1 and 0. Does Quantum mechanics de-velop , i.e. backwards as opposed to as computer science en-veloping, i.e. forwards, a universe?
3. Does string theory play such a big role because math dictates it: OP_mathematics :: +1= . this becomes a long string.
4. What then is the origin particle? It is merely a definition, Denkern and OP_n^x.

The human

Bones grow when tensed. The spiral wrap of the muscle around the bone, when filled with pressure (i.e. when the muscles contract) is forced to unwind, thus stretching the bone
Muscle cells shorten when pumped up, the myosin "bridge" locks into place to save energy while holding the fibres in place while ATP unlocks them again to "relax" the muscle.
1. Let us find the pumping mechanism.
2. Lets spend some attention on the permeability of all types of skin.
See also Kernel Biology.


Writing,at the bottomof it, i a visual representation of what man has observed, formed by pragmatism and abstraction into what we know today.
What did our forebears really observe and capture in their wrting?
See also Kernel - Language


Only dying cultures leave traces - living cultures do not.


Time is a sequencing algorithm.

Solid – Liquid – Gaseous

What we have been taught to be the aggregate state of matterI is much better described by the behaviour of the, in the most simple format two, mixing ratio of homogenous particulate sizes.
State is a very useful tool in the sciences and this can be expanded by behaviour.

Particulate size

In any and every system particulate size inhabits a pivotal role.
Nature sorts, through motion, into particulate size.
Every stream of a particulate size mixture sorts, razor sharp, these particulate sizes from each other.
Where PS1 < PS2 act hydraulically in PS2 empty pockets. This principle  also leads to how airlocks come into existence
See also kernel Solid - Liquid - Gaseous


that which we term Energy can also be viewed as a collection of, as yet undetermined, particulate sizes.

Artificial Intelligence – AI

Even the most sophisticated Ordering-Protocol. What allows us humans to escape or leave the totalitarian conclusion of a logic is humor, an insight that there are other logic that can lead to the same point. Poimt is not conclusion.
See also Kernel - Moral


In the understanding of Ordering-Protocols morals act as the Ordering-Protocol "police", ensuring the working of the system according to its purpose.
Moral and Ethics thus strive to maintain iterational integrity, ensuring that the system can avoid complications and maintain integrity in its growth.


Easily said all of our axistence can be viewed as a hydraulic logic gate.
E.g. a lever is the integral of all pressure points, not only on paper, but also in creation


The Ordering-Protocol of our current mathematics is +1=. 
As this is a definition, mathematics cannot prove anything-

This simplicity makes for a widely applicable and a very robust system, as its iterational integrity can be very easily be verified. I.e. I can always get from 0 to any result by applying +1= often enough.
This simplicity and robustness make of it a very versatile tool.

Every formula essentially is an address to somewhere along that long string of integers that can be generated by iterating +1=.
Which then begets the question: "How many variations of 2+2=4 must I be the master of the be considered a math-genius?"

Its limit is, by definition, the = sign.
Because every thing has to be equal, by definition, even though this makes it such a versatile and robust tool, it cannot depict everything. This is its limit, its boundary.
As it cannot depict growth it cannot depict what I am building here.
This needs a new tool - emath, where the OP is +1 -> : +1 develops into.
eMath - a nomenclature that can depict growth.


Every word starts as [stage] Concept and develops through [satge] Verbalization into [stage] Noun.
The stage a word inhabits reflects directly the understanding a user has of a topic.
Time is a sequencing or placement algorithm and can be ignored when determining the depth of understanding.


Imbalance also occurs where the rotational axis itself is a rotating body and where this rotation occurs on a differing axis or at a differing speed.
Dynamic balancing can be effected with this and the concept of the Kernel - Tumbling Axis.


In a hydraulic universe a lever is the integral of all pressure points. Therefore, instead of using a cumbersome integral we elegantly use F1xL1 = F2xL2.
the universe can be so simple.


Ecenomics is a definition that calls on itself. This makes economics dangerous as it cannot be regulated. This also leads to numerous, unsensible value chains.

Process and Memory

Process and Memory (Metabolic Pathway and Metabolic) should always be seen and handled as one. The computer industry has seduced common thinking into accepting and treating memory to be constituted by a data point. I posit that memory is and should be treated as both the data point and the pathway by which it was created, moved and stored.
This then is what constitutes a -> F-Act.


A fact ist actually shortcode, developed over time by lazy bureaucrats 😉 for a Fixed Act. This includes all processes and operations to produce such an item, which are then bundled into that single item and fixed as that existential process. Which, to not have to think about all of that every time we use it in daily life, we call a fixed act, f-act, fact in short code.


Without differentiation no understanding..


It is most probable that turbulence occurs - better: is effected - because the particle stream, encountering an obstacle creates a wave as a result of folding that travels upwards in the stream, causing the wave-like off-sets we conventionally call turbulence. i.e. Turbulence is caused by the particle stream encountering a hindrance.

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Polarization is effected when the particle stream encounters an obstacle and the following particle stream "folds" onto the obstacle. This folding mostly occurs in a plane, but can also be circular.

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Theory of Everything - ToE

The reasons for not finding a Theory of Everything lie within the neglect of the origin and development paths of the sciences. They all spring from one root and their paths diverge more and more during their differentiation.
All of our worklihood can be described by the formula P = F/A. This formula unites all areas of science, describes all forces in effect and allows all science disciplines to compare their values.
All forces in our universe can be mapped using the hydraulic formula set. You do not have to change any laws for that, only your way of viewing.


Living cultures do not leave traces, only dying cultures do.

System growth and deconstruction

Systems grow, construct themselves continuously, according to their rule set. When attacked they will deconstruct in reverse.


When, as a young child,I wouldmess up, there were basicallytwo resolutions: !. It was not me. It was somebody else. 2. It has always been there.
So what is it that entices someone to deposit the catastrophe that eliminated? some of the dinosaurs so far in the past:
"It was the asteroid!"
"It has been like that for 65 million years!"
Also see -> Time, also see -> twyfelfontein.net

Cryptography - Cyphers

In aacordance with the principüles delineated in this denkern discourse and the concommitant development of language cyphers can also be developmental in nature.


An airlock is easily explained when looking at it from a hydraulic perspective:
KG_air (< KG_water) (KG stands for particle size / Korngroesse) enters through small orifices at the dividing line into cavities in the water matrix, where, hydraulically by F1/A1 = F2/A2 it develops such high pressures locally that these press the surrounding water against the conduit walls, forming a pressure-plug.
Concommitant to that a fluid stream of KG_x will become a hydraulic lever when,  while passing through a KG_y, it encounters a KG_z.

This will continue… (people, of which I am one, hide things they do not immediately want to deal with in time - See Kernel - Time 😉 )