ADH and ADHS, something for which we have not really much more than a name, may quite possibly also be an expression of what I shall outline here. I can readily say this from observing my own behaviour which certainly does lie on the spectrum.

Interesting aside: Did it strike you that Phileas Fogg of Around the world in 80 days fame was exactly that – on the spectrum? It took a pertinent error and an unwaivering love by both Passepartout and Aouda to lift him off his ADHS-spectrum worldmap.

Some medical texts describe ADH / ADHS as a type of neurological illness. I cannot really subscribe to that – think that my nurons are working fine- tada, I have not have that tested 🙂 – but that it is a totally different way of dealing with information that I can definitely subscribe to, as that I do on a daily basis.

Allow me to elucidate from my experience with what I know so far and how I deal with it.

For better understanding of where this originates, let me differentiate between reality and reality – which I prefer to call worklihood, as english had no differentiated expression for this. Until now.

Def: Reality: is the big Unknown. Chaos. That, which is undefined. Potentially everything, materially no thing. The primordial soup. That, which has no order. It might have some order unbekownst to you, but as long as you do not know it or have not applied some order to it of your own it is still unknown, chaos.
Def: Worklihood: is that creation you scoop from reality by “repeatedly applying an Ordering-Protocol” (OP_n), which is doing the work, to that reality. Hence – worklihood.
A worklihood does not change the reality. A worklihood cannot, by definition, reflect all of reality. One reality can bring forth many worklihoods. Each worklihood can be at differing levels of iteration, what I call the Ordering-Potential (OP_n^x).
For more in-depth about tis see denkern.

The OP_n that creates the worklihood is like a matrix that is overlayed onto reality:

Now, when I observe reality, experience it, through these goggles, each matrix overlay being descriptively called a goggle, I can observe this reality through at least two or three goggles concurrently.
This permits me have two or three worklihoods running concurrently, have two or three matrices active at at any point in time.
Of course then it is a constant decisionmaking process in which worklihood I am present.

  1. I process so quickly and parallel that my attention for this, let me call it the everyday, mundane world (no judgment, just use of a common identifier) is available / applied in short bursts, sometimes very small bursts.
  2. Sometimes I dive so deep, by choice, into one worklihood that my attention for the worklihood mundane world is simply not accessible. Much to the frustration and anger of those active in the mundane word. And it does cut both ways.
  3. The act of hyperactivity stems from a) nature achieves order through movement. Movement helps order things (see Particle Size), and b) Movement begets expression and expression is the valve that lets out the pressure built-up when working in a system, i.e. being active in a worklihood.
  4. Anger and frustration stem from having to surface from a worklihood to have interact with this mundane one, from having to restart the dive and warm up the system again.

Why not observe ADS and ADHS under this light?

And definitely yes! This mundane world is also only one matrix of many and developing its rule set can be learnt. Some do it intuitively and inscribe may a line on their matrix, while to me it takes a special attention and effort to inscribe an extra line on this matrix. And then of course remember to make use of it 😀
Change-over times are a good help: Like a ship leaving the ocean and entering the harbour – things have to change aboard to facilitate the different operating environments.

A little extract from my mundane, day to day life: Why do I have to pay attention to something so clearly irrelevant like: “Your food is on the table!” “Eat now!” “Go and play outside!” “It is cold outside, wear a coat.” when I am just currently deep into building an intergalactic tunnel system with my lego-blocks, sensing their structure, listening to their atoms whisper, , , simultaneously “feel” all the living elements and their movements in the house, , , sense how the pressure regulations in their hydraulic logic gates, i.e. their bodies, express their emotions which results in their feelings, , , , and listen to mother earth breathing and sighing, all at the same time. And all the while I sit and watch the sunlight streaming in through the window, grasping that floating strand of hair and twirling it up in a dance of light, shadow and sparkles forming it into a one-moment smile at me.

I have sacrificed a bit of these capabilities to be able to be pressed into this mundane world and reduce to mainly one matrix. But this whole process has also enabled me to find and share these words with you. As this task completes I shall now keep this matrix more filled and active while starting up the others again.

Who gives attention to getting dressed while diving deep into these topics? Not I..

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, I am more mundane-capable, not always gladly, I admit.

But yes – Klar – I am a bit more socialized and sociable – It can be learnt. But it did cost my surroundings sensibilities, I think.

I think that the neglicence of my and my predecessor generation ist that we pulled our children out of the sandbox, out of the playground and offered no replacement, forcing them into pre-determined Ordering-Protocols, not letting them develop their own.
Dying cultures are insistent on preserving themselves and thus force their children to learn and propagate their Ordering-Protocols. Just look at our Children, schlepping cases, sometimes as large and heavy as themselves (they need wheels for that, they are so heavy) filled with dead knowledge from one building to the next.

Hand me one, no, hand me 6 3d printers to print Lego blocks, melt and extrude them to build new blocks – all simultaneously of course.
Our world needs people that also understand themselves.

And believe me – this is not new. Read Around the world in 80 days.

Having no matrix for operating with the mundane world is surely not wishable on any one. Having a matrix with one line is a start, and starting with that first line, whatever it may be, is what counts. The second line on the matrix will follow, that is the nature of things. And then the third line will follow, the fourth will be easier still.
In the context of denkern having no line on the matrix is Ordering-Potential is 0, having one line is Ordering-Potential 1, having a thousand is Ordering-Potential (OPmundaneworld1000) and this is an indication of the number of iterations that an Ordering-Protocol has undergone and an thus indication of my capacities and capabilities to handle the and the differentiation I am capable of in the worklihood MundaneWorld I extract from reality.