What you have you hate. Until you have finished hating it. Then you can let it go.

Capturing Kernels

is a skill that you can acquire: You can do it yourself given the information on this website. You can employ my expertise and shorten your take-off time. You can do both.

Wherever feasible, the information is presented in 3 tiers: First off its Essence (This is a house. It was built for people to live in.). Secondly is Worklihood, i.e. its day to day applicability, how it is worked to make it function (This house has doors to enter and exit, taps for water, switches for electricity, windows for fresh air, shutters for bad weather). Thirdly its Origin and growth (This house was designed, this house grew, the bricks are made from clay, sourced from the estuary, built by artisan trained by Ember.).

Why acquire Denkern as skill?
With the kernel of a system at your fingertips you can very effectively and quickly scan a system for iterational integrity.
With the kernel of a system at your disposal you can very effectively restore iterational integrity of a system.
With the kernel of a system as your key guidance you can maintain iterational integrity during each iteration (the growth) of a system.

Capturing the kernel gives you a handle on how systems work, quickly, and is especially useful when confronted with a system unknown to you.
Capturing the kernel lets you quickly weed out complications from complexities.

What makes this so powerful? Capturing the Kernel allows you to dig down to the origins of the system and follow, repair and maintain iterational integrity in all potentials/iterations.

To start you off on this journey full of wonder let me show you how the story of creation, of any! creation can be found visually embedded in our arabic numerals:

Denkern originates from the insight that each and every! system arises from the endeavours to elicit an order from some (supposedly) chaos. These endeavours will always beget a rule-set, setting up a protocol.

0: In the beginning there is No Thing. All is undifferentiated.

But - you have a question and looking at All that is No Thing you discover Some Thing, not resolved yet, no name yet.

1: But with this you start dividing. You start differentiating: This is land, this is water.

2: To beget order you move things around: How about that here and that there? To see what fits better wehre..

3: And (in time) your successful moves repeat, again, and again, and again.....

4: As this bundle of things and movements grows you develop from this and your experience a rule set to quicken the setting of order: You create boxes and their filing and put everything into boxes.

5: The combination of 2 - movement & 3 - repetition with 4 - boxing (rule set) is what turns all of this from before into something useful.
It is this combinatory work that elicits a worklihood (creation, experience, facts) from reality (chaos, unknown, prinmordial soup).
This is the ignition of worklihood.
This is what begets the measurable universe.
The observer and creation are one.
It is your quest for the answer that expands the universe that sprang into being when you posed your question. It grows, expands, unfolds.

Until you find your answer.

6: When you find your answer this will be condensed  by the created universe now collapsing, falling inwardly on itself on the path of a spiral, thus creating an essence, a new seed, a poem, another kernel.

7: To protect this new seed, this new All Things Potentially, No Thing Materially, you put it into a box that you have turn into a nest. You close the box, cover this nest to protect the seed from destructive forces.

8: While in the nest the seedling is rocked, because the movement helps maintain begetting order and the seed is energized, given power to grow.

An when the seed is fully charged, when it is ready to unfold its Potantial All into Materially Some-thing - then it de-velops.
Out of All things Potentially, No-Thing Materially again grows, guided by an OP_n^x, Some-Thing Materially, a worklihood, a measurable, material universe.

And – in this raised potential (OP_n^(x+1)) - the process, the game repeats with a greater resolution.