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denkern for beginners

Understanding grows with differentiation

Differentiating means dividing and sorting what is presented to you in your surrounding, your reality. Because you want it to make sense to you.

This dividing and sorting is done es often and according to different schema until one of the schema starts giving off some sense.

Then you start using this schema again and again and again. As you do this the degree of differentiation grows and with it the depth of your understanding and the sense that springs from it.

This repeated application of your schema brings about a system that serves your understanding and deepens your sense of the world. In this manner, by your own work, you create from the reality surrounding you your worklihood.

Typically two errors may occur during the application of your schema:

  • An error in executional integrity – it does not go according to plan. This happens either wilfully or, more often than not because of missing information. In either case the developing system is compromised. The consequences of such error, as this lies within the growth nature of these systems only show most often at a much later stage during further growth. These consequences are identifiable by “nothing makes sense” anymore.
  • An error in iterational expenditure – the schema is applied so often that the system grows beyond its service directive and starts applying itself to its own survival.
    It will serve its purpose less and less and its own self more and more. It becomes self-serving. The german language has a name for this phenomenon – Amts-Schimmel. When e.g. a bureaucracy acts in its own interests instead of those of the people who created it.

It needs to be penned: Every system has been initiated by someone. It is people that service and use systems. The system is only a tool.
This is why: Task yourself and your fellow human to hold the systems available to you responsible and in service. This you achieve by maintaining their integrity.And where this knowledge presented here is useful to you, pass it on, so that other people may pick up on it and use it for themselves.

It is from this insight that denkern grew - a discipline of thougt that captures the kernel of a system.
The kernel is that schema applied and the system that application brings about, the logic seed, if you will.

With this kernel at your disposal it becomes possible for you to proof the iterational integrity of any system quickly and efficiently and correct it where necessary just as quickly and efficiently.

If you want to go deeper down this rabbit hole, if you want to enhance your capabilities to repair system iterational integrity or to maintain system iterational integrity during growth then this is the place you should enter.

This is wherefore denkern is – maintain system iterational integrity so that it still all makes sense.

denkern is a verb, it is to be applied in everyday life. She comes as a tool-box, full of tools, each one having a distinctive name:

Kernel, Reality, Worklihood, Ordering-Protocol / Ordering-Principle, Order-Potential. These are the most important. Learn their meaning from the heart and each system will open up to you. It is the daily dance with these words that will unfold for you how far reaching denkern is.